The Koch Brothers donate $400,000 to defeat I-1631

The Koch Brothers really don’t want you to pass I-1631—a first-of-its-kind carbon fee on our state’s worst polluters.

How do we know that? Because they just dumped another $400,000 into our state to defeat the initiative. For those keeping score at home, Big Oil and the Kochs have now donated over $28 million to defeat I-1631! That’s a state record.

To the Koch Brothers’ credit, they see I-1631 for what it is: an effective way to hold our state’s largest polluters financially accountable for their pollution.

The Koch Brothers and Big Oil have no intention of ever being held accountable for their pollution. They will protect their obscene profits at any cost.

So remember that this weekend when you’re filling out your ballot. Vote Yes On 1631 to fight the Koch Brothers.

– Civic Action