Here are dozens of Resistance Resources

Check out the Resistance Resources page at NextGen Climate, who say:

“We, the American majority, have heard enough. We know this is a time to stand up and take bold action, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“During the Women’s March, millions of Americans joined together in one of the largest protests our country has ever seen.

“When the Muslim ban was announced, thousands of concerned citizens gathered at airports around the country to defend our values and fight against injustice.

“With the healthcare of millions threatened, concerned citizens showed up by the hundreds at town halls to tell lawmakers to do their jobs and protect the health of all Americans.

“Trump’s assault on our deepest values has galvanized the resistance. People are getting involved in numbers we haven’t seen in generations, and more join our ranks every day.”

We are more powerful than we think: History has shown that when just 3.5% of a population actively sustained nonviolent civil resistance against a government, that was enough to topple any dictator.