Climate Change Overviews and News

Introductions to Climate Change

Climate change is a highly complex and increasingly urgent crisis that encompasses moral, scientific, technological, economic, and governance dimensions and demands significant shifts in mankind’s behaviors. This short presentation is an effort to succinctly summarize the current status and implications.

Books: Paul Gilding’s The Great Disruption is an excellent discussion of the history, status, and options of climate change and related dimensions of sustainability.

News Websites

Climate Progress,, Morning ClimateDaily ClimateClimate News Network, Climate Central, and Grist are global climate news websites.

Sightline Institute has news and research on climate topics in the Northwest

Climate Solutions’ ClimateCast has climate news related to the Northwest


Climate Change is Simple is a concise, 15-minute TED talk (2012) about the dangers of climate change.

The unusual stability of the planet’s climate is explained in this 3-minute video.