New Oil Train Legislation Proposed in Oregon and Washington

Currently, Oregon has the weakest laws on the west coast of the U.S. for oil-by-rail terminals.  With the lifting of the U.S. crude oil export ban and rising oil prices, Oregon could be a target for terminals exporting Bakken crude oil.  If export terminals are approved, all the oil would be transported through the Columbia River Gorge by rail.  The City of Hood River just wrote a letter urging passage of House Bill 2131click here to read it.

In Washington two bills have been introduced to build on oil transportation safety and accountability legislation passed in 2015. They are seeking to: (1) Enhance safety measures that protect against the risk of oil spills occurring on land and water; (2) Provide a sustainable source of funding for the state’s oil spill preparedness and response program; and (3) Ensure the state’s ability to recover from a large oil spill.  Read about this new legislation by clicking here.

Letters to the editor are needed in both Oregon and Washington to support these bills at the state legislature. Would you be willing to submit a letter to the editor or call your state legislators to urge their support for these bills?