Dinner Conversations: Why and How to Divest?

The fossil fuel divestment movement is growing fast and strong all around the world. It is 10481516_10154318543775483_3053335977246803748_obeautiful, organic and hopeful. It starts among real people talking to  about the world, nature and the betterment of society. This month we invite you to start a divestment conversation in your circle of family, friends and colleagues. Here are a few questions to get started:

  1. How do you make decisions about financial investments?  What criteria do you use?  What goals do you apply to investing?
  2. As a climate movement activist, what do you do do with this statement when it comes to the investments of your family or the institutions you are a part of?If it is wrong to destroy the world with the use of fossil fuels, then isn’t it even more wrong to make a profit from fossil fuel companies?”
  3.  What most concerns you about divesting in fossil fuels?
  4.  What resources would be most helpful to you, your family, or the institutions to which you belong, to hep you move towards fossil fuel divestment?