World Water Day: Six Trends for Optimism

More than half a billion people today lack access to clean water, and with climate change, water pollution and booming population growth, pressures on limited water supplies are ratcheting up. Tackling the water crisis can feel like an uphill battle in the United States, with one environmental roll back after another proposed by the Trump administration. But all is not doom and gloom. Companies and investors are moving forward, taking steps to value water for its true worth and working with suppliers, farmers and local communities to preserve water supplies. Innovation is also happening at the municipal level.

On World Water Day 2017, here are six positive trends that give me hope:

1) Global Companies are Embracing Sustainable Development Goals

2) The World’s Biggest Water User is Making Strides

3) Companies in the West are ‘Walking their Talk’ on Water Conservation

4) Cities are Driving Innovation

5) Wall Street is Becoming Water Aware

6) Science-Based Water Reduction Targets are Picking Up Steam

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