Trump Antidote: Kick your carbon addiction

Stop oil trains, coal trains, and climate change with the 12-step plan for carbon addicts:

  1. Admit that we all directly or indirectly cause far too much toxic and greenhouse gas emissions due to our fossil-fuel addictions.
  2. Calculate your carbon footprint (about one hour) and sign up for the footprint challenge
  3. Create a plan to halve your household footprint while saving money, within 10 years (or less)
  4. Change your driving and home energy consumption habits (~10% emission reduction immediately for an average household)
  5. Buy or lease a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) to replace one car (~10% reduction)
  6. Cut your air travel in half (1% to 20% or more)
  7. Upgrade your house envelope (better insulation, doors, windows; ~3-10%)
  8. Buy or lease another ZEV to replace the other car (~10%)
  9. Install an electric heat pump and a heat-pump water heater (~5-10%)
  10. Install solar panels or buy green electricity (~10%)
  11. Eat less red meat.(~5-10%)
  12. At and at CGCAN meetings continuously share support with others. Celebrate that you’re incrementally killing Big Coal, Big Oil and Big Gas, while decreasing your household emissions faster than most countries!