Hecklers & Protestors Shout Down Trump’s “Laughable” Coal Sideshow At COP24

First hinted at back at the beginning of November, the Trump Administration followed through with its intention to host a pro-fossil fuel event on the sidelines of the COP24 UN climate talks currently being held in Katowice, Poland, much to the mockery of observers and attendees, and the jeers and protests of climate campaigners.

News agency Reuters broke news of the plans over a month ago and specifics began to filter through to the media last week. Intended speakers included Wells Griffith, Trump’s adviser on global energy and climate issues; Steve Winberg, assistant secretary for fossil energy at the Energy Department; Rich Powell, executive director of the ClearPath Foundation, a nonprofit working on cleaner energy technologies from a conservative perspective; and possibly someone from the natural gas industry.

See a video clip of the hecklers and read more here.