Don Orange wins Port of Vancouver Election but needs $ help with legal bills

Don Orange will be the next Port of Vancouver commissioner. On November 7th  Orange won 64.58 percent of the vote, beating candidate Kris Greene. Orange’s victory is likely a death knell for a massive oil terminal that’s been proposed at the port for years.

Orange got the best attorney he could find to fight attempts by Carolyn Crain to take choice away from the people, but he still needs $8000 for his legal fees.

As Orange says, this campaign was not about him. It was about us and our children’s future.  Please do what you can to help Don Orange.  Here is the software tool to facilitate the process.

From Mon. 11/20, to Mon. 12/4, a local art-activism project called Climate Toothpaste will donate 25% of all sales to Don’s legal fund. This includes Climate hats, t-shirts, stickers and Climate Toothpaste, which educates about climate action in an unexpected way – it’s not toothpaste.

Help pay down Don’s debt, and raise awareness about climate action, with this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Go to Enter ORANGE for a 15% discount at check out. Visit for more info.