The Clean-Energy Revolution

Global markets for solar, battery, and other clean-energy technologies are now unstoppable, because the increasing volumes lead to decreasing costs, in a virtuous cycle. Within ten years electric vehicles will be common; net-zero buildings will be typical for new construction; and electric utilities will be supporting more wind and much more solar power, while competing with Big Oil to fuel transportation.

All of this will be good for your money and health. Most people have heard claims from the fossil-fuel industry that decarbonizing our energy systems would be prohibitively expensive, but the truth is that clean-energy products like LED lighting, solar panels, electric vehicles, and heat pumps continue to get cheaper and in many cases are already cheaper to own than the older technologies. In addition to lower costs of ownership, clean energy sources avoid the toxic emissions from fossil fuels that cause hundreds of premature deaths annually in Oregon and Washington.

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US DOE chart clean tech costs 2008-14 from CSI report


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