Welcome to the Gorge Footprint Challenge!

Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint here.

Step 2: Log your result below:

The Long Version…

Gorge Footprint Challenge logoFind empowerment! Tired of feeling powerless against big fossil fuel companies, auto companies, or big utilities? Well, the clean energy revolution is gaining momentum and now you can be part of the cheaper and healthier solutions instead of just being frustrated. The Gorge Footprint Challenge is an ongoing, friendly competition intended to educate Gorge residents about what we can all do to mitigate climate change and to compare and celebrate our achievements.

1. Estimate your footprint: Our new, clean-energy infrastructure will be cheaper and healthier, but it’s not obvious where to start. Like studying your bank account, an estimate of your greenhouse emissions shows you the big picture and where to focus effort or money. Your Gorge Footprint Challenge starts with adding up your emissions using the CoolClimate Calculator. (Don’t fret the details, but the more accurate you are, the more useful it will be for you.)

2. Sign up: The calculator compares your results to regional averages, and we hope to also have a friendly competition to see if Oregon really is any greener than Washington, or if Mosier is greener than Hood River 🙂 To compare averages, divide your total emissions from the calculator by the number of people in your household and log it in the form above. To log results by town, enter your town or county. In the optional notes field you can list another group with whom you are competing, or other suggestions. Or email your results to gorgefootprint@gmail.com. You’ll receive emails with footprint information and competition updates.

Keep going! We expect ongoing activities of the Challenge to include Footprint Parties and periodic emails, toward supporting your footprint planning, sharing success stories, and celebrating our achievements. The first Footprint Party was on June 6, 2016, at Crush Cider Cafe in Hood River. The first annual footprint results party is planned for Earth Day.

Are you up for the challenge? Thanks for everything you do to help clean up our air!


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