Energy Council Joins Washington’s Attorney General, City of Vancouver, Tribal Nations, and Hundreds of Thousands of Washingtonians in Opposing Largest Oil Train Terminal in U.S. November 28, 2017 (Olympia, WA) – Today the Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) unanimously recommended denial of the Tesoro Savage oil terminal in […]

Don Orange wins Port of Vancouver Election but needs $ help with legal bills

Don Orange will be the next Port of Vancouver commissioner. On November 7th  Orange won 64.58 percent of the vote, beating candidate Kris Greene. Orange’s victory is likely a death knell for a massive oil terminal that’s been proposed at the port for years. Orange got the best attorney he could […]

The Latest on Electric Cars

Here are some good resources to stay current on electric vehicle (EV) news: Wondering about the latest EV models? Green Car Reports is a website devoted to EV news. Bloomberg New Energy Finance is a global financial player that updates its own EV forecasts and tracks others. Regional EV advocate Forth […]

Here’s how far the world is from meeting its climate goals

On Nov. 6, 2017 the New York Times reported: Two years after countries signed a landmark climate agreement in Paris, the world remains far off course from preventing drastic global warming in the decades ahead. On Monday, the latest round of post-Paris international climate talks begin in Bonn, Germany, to […]

What you can do to stop the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal in Vancouver

The planned Tesoro-Savage (aka Vancouver Energy) oil terminal could be killed by electing a second anti-oil port commissioner. Don Orange is running to oppose the terminal. Here are four ways to help stop the oil terminal: Doorknocking in Vancouver Donating Using the Next Door platform Writing a Letter to the […]

With Extreme Heat and Dryness Fueling Wildfires, Firefighting Costs Top $2 Billion

Extreme condition like we’ve seen in the West become more likely as global temperatures rise with climate change, scientists say. Wildfires burned across hundreds of thousands of acres in the American and Canadian West in early September, fueled by scorching temperatures that broke heat and fire records across the region. […]

Impressive list of victories by the fossil fuel resistance in the Northwest

Lest you wonder whether your activism is making a difference… Don Steinke has compiled this list of victories by Power Past Coal, Stand Up to Oil, and others: 1.   Boardman OR Coal Power – agreements to close in 2020, signed ~2009 2.       Kalama Coal Proposal – abandoned ~ 2009 3.       […]

Stop Rep. Walden’s Plan to Clear-Cut the Gorge

Send a letter to your members of Congress today and a copy to the Governor! With the Eagle Creek fire still burning in the Columbia Gorge, Congressman Greg Walden has already introduced legislation (HR 3715) that would require commercial logging in areas impacted by the Eagle Creek fire within the […]

California’s Plan for 100% Renewables Falls Flat in the 11th Hour

California’s pitch for 100 percent renewable energy is dead — for now. If we’ve learned anything this summer, it’s that 100 percent renewables is easier said than done. by Emma Foehringer Merchant September 15, 2017 in Green Tech Media In the last week of its legislative session, California bills that […]

World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Maker Waves Goodbye to Oil Industry

Sale of oil assets is fueling Denmark’s green transition. In another sign that the petroleum era is drawing to a close, Denmark is selling off its last oil company with barely a peep. Once considered a strategic asset, on a par with national carriers or shipyards, the oil and gas […]

A Carbon-Free City Is Being Built from Scratch

The Colorado city will rely on solar energy, a king-sized lithium-ion battery, and energy efficiency schemes. DENVER — Can a city built from scratch be profitable to developers and enjoyable to residents as it tries to be carbon-free? That is the question facing owners and planners of a mostly vacant, […]

The Uninhabitable Earth–and debates

Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think. To read an annotated version of this article, complete with interviews with scientists and links to further reading, click here. I. ‘Doomsday’ Peering beyond scientific reticence. It is, I promise, worse than […]

How to Tell If Your Reps Are Serious About Climate Change

In the wake of Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, how serious are your elected leaders about fighting back? By Bill McKibben Perhaps no president in recent times has unified the country, and the globe, as effectively as Donald Trump. In the hours following his rejection of the […]

Solar Costs Are Hitting Jaw-Dropping Lows in Every Region of the World

How low can you go? Mind-blowingly low 65-cents-per-watt solar system pricing emerges in India. This may sound a little repetitive, but it’s impossible to ignore: The decline in solar costs is not slowing down. GTM Research expects a 27 percent drop in average global project prices by 2022, or about […]

Oregon Legislature Approves Electric Vehicle Rebates of $2,500 or More

Three years of hard work by EV advocacy group Forth and their allies has paid off! The Oregon House and Senate have voted to approve a $5.3 billion transportation funding package that includes point of purchase rebates for electric vehicles in Oregon. Governor Kate Brown, who has been a leader […]

Volvo Goes Electric: Is This the Beginning of the End for Gas-Powered Cars?

Volvo just became the first big carmaker to go all electric. If followed by other auto giants, even partially, that could have big implications down the road for climate change policy, oil demand, and the geopolitics of energy. Volvo said Wednesday that it will phase out models that only have […]

Washington Supreme Court Delivers Victory for Open Government

Ruling calls into question the future of proposal for nation’s largest oil-by-rail terminal. June 8, 2017 (Olympia, WA) – The Washington Supreme Court today rejected the Port of Vancouver USA’s interpretation of the Open Public Meetings Act. Columbia Riverkeeper, Sierra Club, and the Northwest Environmental Defense Center alleged that the […]

Multnomah County adopts goal of all renewables by 2050

As President Donald Trump pulled back on the U.S. commitment to climate action Thursday, Multnomah County stepped forward, unanimously passing a resolution that establishes a goal of meeting 100 percent of community-wide energy needs with renewable sources by 2050. County Chair Deborah Kafoury and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler had unveiled […]

Peak oil demand as early as 2020?

New report: Due to major transportation disruption, 95% of U.S. car miles will be traveled in self-driving, electric, shared vehicles by 2030 TECHNOLOGY, NEW BUSINESS MODEL AND ECONOMICS DRIVE CHANGE   Automotive and energy sectors face massive changes LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO — A historic revolution in transportation will end over […]

The Electric-Car Boom Is So Real Even Oil Companies Say It’s Coming

Oil major Total SA says EVs will drive 15-30% of car sales by 2030 Outlook is more bullish on EVs than most forecasters Electric cars are coming fast — and that’s not just the opinion of carmakers anymore. Total SA, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, is now saying […]

Solar employs more people in US power generation than coal, oil, and gas combined

In the United States, more people were employed in solar power last year than in generating electricity through coal, gas and oil energy combined. According to a new report from the U.S. Department of Energy, solar power employed 43 percent of the Electric Power Generation sector’s workforce in 2016, while fossil fuels […]

Yes, the US (still) wastes 68% of its energy

Amidst a worsening climate crisis, LLNL’s 2016 energy update confirms that we continue to waste 68% of the raw energy we use. We’ve increased efficiencies, but the big waste culprits are still burning stuff to generate electricity and driving gasoline or diesel cars, which waste about 80% of the fuels’ […]

Stunning drops in solar and wind costs turn global power market upside down

“It’s a whole new world. Instead of having to subsidise renewables, now authorities may have to subsidise natural gas plants to help them provide grid reliability.” The world built more renewables for far less money last year, report UN and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Stunning drops in the cost of wind and […]