London declares Climate Emergency

Along with 4 other cities in the UK, 5 cities in Australia, and 6 cities in the US, London has upped the pressure on their national government to adopt climate policies commensurate with the climate emergency. Speaking as City Hall outlined its new climate change plan, London mayor Sadiq Khan […]

After Citizens United, a Vicious Cycle of Corruption

NYT OpEd: In the eight years since it was decided, Citizens United has unleashed a wave of campaign spending that by any reasonable standard is extraordinarily corrupt. To see how this operates in practice, let’s take a look at how Paul Ryan, the outgoing speaker of the House, negotiated a […]

Why greens are turning away from a carbon tax

Putting an economic price on greenhouse gases is proving a hard sell with the public, even as time to head off climate change shrinks. Taxing carbon to tackle climate change is one of those big ideas that have long held a kind of bipartisan sway in Washington — endorsed by […]

Beginning of the End for Canada’s Tar Sands or Just a Blip?

Alberta has announced an oil production cut, citing tight pipeline capacity. It’s an effort to buy time for the industry, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problems. When hundreds of activists protesting the Keystone XL pipeline were arrested at the White House in 2011, their ultimate target lay thousands of […]

‘Trump effect’ casts a long shadow at global climate talks

The global climate summit got off to an awkward start this week in Katowice, Poland, a southern city built on mining nearby coal deposits. “There is no plan today to fully give up on coal,” Polish President Andrzej Duda said Monday in astonishing remarks at the opening ceremony of the […]

PacifiCorp shows 60% of its coal units are uneconomic

PacifiCorp revealed that 13 of its 22 coal units are more expensive than alternative options, such as clean energy, when discussing its coal fleet as part of a two-day public stakeholder meeting Monday and Tuesday. The Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary used unit-by-unit analysis to calculate a net benefit or cost for taking […]

The Game-Changing Promise of a Green New Deal

by Naomi Klein Like so many others, I’ve been energized by the bold moral leadership coming from newly elected members of Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley in the face of the spiraling climate crisis and the outrageous attacks on unarmed migrants at the border. […]

Five of America’s Top-Ten Fears are Environmental

America’s Top Fears 2018  Chapman University Survey of American Fears October 16, 2018 Top 10 Fears of 2018  Below is a list of the 10 fears for which the highest percentage of Americans reported being “Afraid,” or “Very Afraid.” Top Ten Fears of 2018 % Afraid or Very Afraid 1. […]

Here are the proposed fracked gas projects in the NW

Tired of hearing the “natural gas” greenwashing? Yes, most of that gas (methane) now derives from hydraulically fractured gas fields. Because methane has about 85 times the global warming potential as CO2, reducing upstream methane leaks is critical to fighting our climate change crisis. But besides the upstream pipeline and […]

After Trump attempts to bury climate report, media put it front and center

As CNN pointed out, there is the “Friday news dump” and then there is the “Black Friday news dump.” The former aims to sweep news under the rug, while the latter aims to bury it under the food hangovers, blockbuster sales and football-watching marathons that preoccupy Americans the day after […]

How Extreme Weather is Shrinking the Planet

by Bill McKibben With wildfires, heat waves, and rising sea levels, large tracts of the earth are at risk of becoming uninhabitable. But the fossil-fuel industry continues its assault on the facts. Thirty years ago, this magazine published “The End of Nature,” a long article about what we then called the […]

Crab Fishers Sue Fossil Fuel Industry Over Climate Change Damage

The lawsuit by the largest West Coast commercial fishing association seeks to hold 30 companies accountable for harming shellfish and livelihoods as the ocean warms. Crab fishing on the West Coast has become so threatened by warming oceans that a coalition of commercial fishers has now joined the climate litigation […]

World speeds toward ‘new abnormal,’ barely touching the brakes

Weekly Climate Review for November 16, 2018: “Take a good look, America. This is what the reckoning looks like,” warned Wired in a Tuesday headline about the hellscape of California’s wildfires and their link to climate change. As of midweek, the Camp Fire north of Sacramento ranked as the deadliest […]

Urban wildfires bring lingering worries about what’s in the ash and air

For weeks, smoky, unhealthy air from large wildfires has plagued much of the West Coast and beyond. What’s the public health impact of an increase of urban wildfires, in which homes and other structures burn? Special correspondent Cat Wise meets some of the researchers studying the risks for people from […]

A Very Grim Forecast

Though it was published at the beginning of October, Global Warming of 1.5°C, a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is a document with its origins in another era, one not so distant from ours but politically an age apart. To read it makes you weep not […]

Renewables can challenge existing coal plants on price

Average costs for wind and solar energy can undercut existing coal generation even without subsidies, according to analysis from the research firm Lazard. The latest version of Lazard’s levelized cost of energy (LCOE) analysis finds that U.S. onshore wind energy costs average between $26/MWh and $56/MWh without subsidies, while utility-scale […]

A Democrat Ran on Climate Change in a Republican Stronghold—and Won

Sean Casten’s win in Illinois’s 6th Congressional District is a lesson for the Democratic Party. If Sean Casten had talked about climate change once during his campaign, that would have been more than most Democrats running for Congress. But Casten didn’t talk about climate change just once, or even merely […]

Judge Blocks Disputed Keystone XL Pipeline in Setback for Trump

WASHINGTON — As the Trump administration has moved aggressively to roll back environmental protections and speed up oil and coal projects, it has repeatedly been blocked by courts finding that the administration did not follow longstanding rules in making its sweeping changes. Now, a federal judge has issued a repudiation […]

America’s midterms reveal a country on the fence about climate action

America’s midterms reveal a country on the fence about climate action “With Democratic majority, climate change is back on U.S. House agenda,” an InsideClimate News headline declaredafter Tuesday’s midterm elections. “America voted. The climate lost,” The New Republic countered. The full truth of the matter will unfold once Democrats retake […]

Juliana vs United States moves forward

The Supreme Court on Friday night refused to halt a novel lawsuit filed by young Americans that attempts to force the federal government to take action on climate change, turning down a request from the Trump administration to stop it before trial. The suit, filed in 2015 by 21 young […]

Electric vehicles are going to render the fight over fuel economy standards moot

The auto industry is headed for revolution, Trump notwithstanding. by Dave Roberts at Vox Though it may seem like several dozen scandals ago, the Trump administration is just now finalizing plans to freeze national fuel-economy standards in place, rather than steadily increasing them as Obama planned. This is a terrible […]

A bad week for coal and bad news on ocean warming

The Weekly Climate Review for Nov. 2, 2018: This was not a good week for coal. Last month’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report basically said the world must all but stop burning coal by 2050 to save the planet from ruin. This week, Carbon Tracker, the U.N. climate […]

The Koch Brothers donate $400,000 to defeat I-1631

The Koch Brothers really don’t want you to pass I-1631—a first-of-its-kind carbon fee on our state’s worst polluters. How do we know that? Because they just dumped another $400,000 into our state to defeat the initiative. For those keeping score at home, Big Oil and the Kochs have now donated […]

How the Farm Bureau’s Climate Agenda Is Failing Its Farmers

That agenda has left farmers ill-prepared to cope with effects of climate change—droughts, heat and storms—while neglecting a key climate solution. Donald J. Trump’s inaugural crowd may not have been the biggest ever, but his parade drew lots of tractors that rumbled past the presidential reviewing stand in a farm […]