Carbon markets will not help stop climate change

Can countries transform the global energy system using a mechanism fundamentally at odds with expert views on how systems actually change? At the international climate change negotiations in Madrid, we’re giving it a shot. Trading carbon is widely said to make emissions cuts cheaper. But for whom? And why is it dominating climate […]

Yes, Fossil Fuel Subsidies Are Real, Destructive And Protected By Lobbying

Another article about how much we subsidize fossil fuels to destroy our ecosystems, this one in a magazine catering to ultra-rich, Forbes: In November, I wrote that fossil fuel subsidies worth $700 billion are stalling the energy transition. Many readers emailed me asking for specific examples of these subsidies. Others pointed out […]

11,000 climate scientists tell it like it is

Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to “tell it like it is.” On the basis of this obligation more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally display data showing that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency. Do you […]

State Policy Design for Opening EV Floodgates

The Strid Energy Report for November 2019 addresses EV policy design. Electric vehicles (EVs) are approaching cost tipping points that will trigger rapid adoptions. Mainstream EVs will reach purchase-price parity in the 2020’s. The co-benefits of vehicle decarbonization include huge cost savings on fuels, healthcare, and maintenance; plus benefits to […]

Hood River City Council considers Declaration of Climate Emergency

On October 15, members of the Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network and the Hood River High School Earth Club proposed that the City of Hood River adopt a Declaration of Climate Emergency. Background: The goal of the Climate Emergency Campaign of The Climate Mobilization is to compel governments to adopt […]

Tar Sands and Exxon Fraud

Exxon and Oil Sands Go on Trial in New York Climate Fraud Case by Nicholas Kusnetz, Inside Climate News The New York attorney general says Exxon used two sets of books and misled investors by downplaying the potential costs of carbon emissions. NEW YORK, New York — In late 2013, […]

Green groups tell Wall Street to not help huge Saudi oil company go public

Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and other big banks are getting an earful from environmental groups over what’s set to be the biggest initial public offering in history. The reason? The firm planning to go public is the largest oil company in the world. If you have investments with any of […]

Comparing the total cost of ownership for EVs and gas cars

A common misconception around electric vehicles is that they’re too expensive for average Americans. Here, we compare the true costs of driving an EV compared to gas cars. Sticker price According to Kelley Blue Book, the average price of a new car in the United States in September 2019 was $37,590. […]

The big polluters’ masterstroke was to blame the climate crisis on you and me

by George Monbiot Fossil fuel giants have known the harm they do for decades. But they created a system that absolves them of responsibility. Let’s stop calling this the Sixth Great Extinction. Let’s start calling it what it is: the “first great extermination”. A recent essay by the environmental historian Justin McBrien argues that describing […]

It’s the Environment, Stupid

NYT Opinion by Thomas Friedman There is a winning campaign theme that progressives can use against Trump, and it isn’t “Medicare for all.” I don’t know who sold progressive Democrats on the idea that the way to beat Donald Trump is to abolish the private health insurance of 160 million Americans […]

World’s largest emitters stop short of sweeping climate commitments at U.N.

All eyes were on activist Greta Thunberg when she bluntly told world leaders: “You are failing us.”  But what mattered most at Monday’s U.N. climate summit was what China, India and the U.S. actually said — and what the three biggest emitters of greenhouse gases did not say.  Countries “once again stopped short of committing to the […]

For Our Future, the Oil and Gas Industry Must Go Green

NYT Opinion by Christiana Figueres As young climate activists, frightened for their futures, meet with world leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Monday, oil and gas industry executives are conferring to grapple with the stark, existential choice their industry faces. As they attended a cocktail reception at […]

Scenes from the Global Climate Strike

Photos from Sept. 20 Climate Strike in Portland: Strike Highlights from around the world September 20 in Vanuatu. Photo: Dan McGarry Sunrise over the Pacific: The Solomon Islands kicked off the day, with protestors rowing to shore in Marovo to perform a traditional warrior dance. “We stand in solidarity with the […]

Electric Vehicles are already cheaper to own

New electric vehicles (EVs) are usually more expensive than a gas/diesel equivalent vehicle, but the purchase price of a typical EV plus ten years of of fuel is already at parity. Click here for more information on EVs and how Big Oil now blames you for climate change.

Inslee response to Global Climate Strike walkout

Sept. 17, 2019 Gov. Jay Inslee responded to the Global Climate Strike that will take place Friday, September 20 when a number of students are expected to miss school. “I encourage educators to embrace Friday’s Global Climate Strike as part of a strong civic education for young people. The youth […]

Climate crisis takes us ‘beyond the comfort zones’

by Rev. John Boonstra Sept. 14, 2019 The routines of my comfort zone continue to get in the way of my responsiveness to global warming. I look back at the summer of 2019 with an uneasy distance.  Wildfires raged in the Arctic.  July was the hottest month worldwide in human […]

Extinction Rebellion activists stage die-in protests across globe

Extinction Rebellion supporters around the world have held a series of mass die-ins to highlight the risk of the human race becoming extinct asa result of climate change. Protesters in France, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, the UK and other countries lay across the ground on Saturday at […]

Tar sands crude shipments quietly increased in Oregon, alarming regulators

If oil is moving through Oregon, it’s Michael Zollitsch’s job to know about it. He oversees the state’s emergency responses to oil spills and other environmental disasters. But last March, when Bloomberg News reported oil from Canada’s tar sands was rolling through Zenith Energy’s storage facility in Northwest Portland on its […]

The Great Chinese EV Disruption

The Strid Energy Report for March finds that China leads in electric vehicle (EV) sales and production, motivated by energy security, job creation, and toxic and climate pollution. China is on track to achieve 50% EV sales by 2025.  The EV transition will reset market shares of all automakers and […]

Big solar farms coming to counties near you!

The rain-prone state of Washington has been a little slow on the draw when the topic turns to solar panels, but that is all about to change. The state is announcing its first ever public lands lease for a solar farm, and it’s a doozy: more than 500,000 solar panels […]

A look into Big Oil’s fight against electric cars

Last November, oil industry representatives huddled with conservative state lawmakers at a hotel a few blocks from the White House. The gathering was a covert affair. Reporters were barred from the room. Attendees cast votes in secret. The meeting was organized by the American Legislative Exchange Council, the conservative bill-writing […]

Republicans show sudden interest in climate threat they adamantly denied

The Weekly Climate Review for March 8, 2019: After years of efforts to quash the mere mention of climate change and kill off any federal actions to curb it, Republicans in the U.S. Congress are suddenly talking about how to tackle the long-denied threat. “[GOP] members are openly using the […]

The Transformative Power of Climate Truth

by Margaret Klein Solomon of The Climate Mobilization. This paper explores the transformative power — and strategic necessity — of climate truth. It explains why only a truth-focused strategy holds the potential for societal transformation on the massive scale that is necessary to protect humanity and the natural world…. Despite what American consumer culture […]

Oregon: Polluted by Money

This new series by the Oregonian highlights the corruption of environmental policies by corporate money. “Oregon once aimed to be the greenest state in America.  “Its leaders adopted the nation’s first bottle deposit. They controlled urban sprawl. They declared ocean beaches public property. “But in the last four years, Oregon’s most […]

Alarm over climate change escalates on multiple fronts

MacArthur Foundation’s Weekly Climate Review Feb. 22, 2019: For years, advocates of climate action have tempered their growing alarm for fear of distressing the public and/or being accused of scaremongering. Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump and his ilk made astonishing headway through scaremongering. And now the world’s youngest climate activists, […]

Before It’s Too Late–Mary Christina Wood On Avoiding Climate Disaster

An environmental-law professor at the University of Oregon, Wood is the author of the 2013 book Nature’s Trust: Environmental Law for a New Ecological Age, in which she argues that the resources necessary for human survival — including the atmosphere — are part of a trust that the government must safeguard […]