Yes, the US (still) wastes 68% of its energy

Amidst a worsening climate crisis, LLNL’s 2016 energy update confirms that we continue to waste 68% of the raw energy we use. We’ve increased efficiencies, but the big waste culprits are still burning stuff to generate electricity and driving gasoline or diesel cars, which waste about 80% of the fuels’ […]

Stunning drops in solar and wind costs turn global power market upside down

“It’s a whole new world. Instead of having to subsidise renewables, now authorities may have to subsidise natural gas plants to help them provide grid reliability.” The world built more renewables for far less money last year, report UN and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Stunning drops in the cost of wind and […]

Planning global emissions and planning Oregon emissions

In A roadmap for rapid decarbonization, climate scientists recently outlined a plan for global emission reductions to zero by 2050. The sobering proposal calls for rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and more. They start with the big picture: To hit the Paris climate goals without geoengineering, the world has to do […]

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler backs 100% renewable energy by 2050

On a day when President Trump’s budget director called federal spending on climate change research a “waste of money,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler called climate change the “most pressing issue globally.”  “We are now the line of defense,” Wheeler said at a Thursday evening Climate Action Town Hall at TaborSpace […]

World Water Day: Six Trends for Optimism

More than half a billion people today lack access to clean water, and with climate change, water pollution and booming population growth, pressures on limited water supplies are ratcheting up. Tackling the water crisis can feel like an uphill battle in the United States, with one environmental roll back after […]

How Americans think about climate change

Researchers at Yale University released their latest climate change polling, detailed by state, county, legislative district, and metro areas. The NY Times highlighted several general opinions from the study: Americans want to restrict carbon emissions from coal power plants. The White House and Congress may do the opposite. Most people […]

In surreal role swap, oil industry touts climate action as EPA scorns it

In a once-unthinkable reversal of roles, CEOs of oil giants this week talked up limiting carbon emissions and supporting the Paris Agreement, while the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scoffed at CO2’s role in climate change and disparaged the U.N. pact. The turnabout was on full display […]

The Conservative Case for Clean Energy

“It’s simply more efficient, it’s better for markets, it’s better for the environment in general. Not because we’re so focused on climate change.” Marilu Hastings of the Mitchell Foundation says, “Clean energy advocates should avoid a knee-jerk battle against President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of energy. While former Texas Gov. […]

Here are dozens of Resistance Resources

Check out the Resistance Resources page at NextGen Climate, who say: “We, the American majority, have heard enough. We know this is a time to stand up and take bold action, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. “During the Women’s March, millions of Americans joined together in one of the […]

New Oil Train Legislation Proposed in Oregon and Washington

Currently, Oregon has the weakest laws on the west coast of the U.S. for oil-by-rail terminals.  With the lifting of the U.S. crude oil export ban and rising oil prices, Oregon could be a target for terminals exporting Bakken crude oil.  If export terminals are approved, all the oil would […]

China has abandoned 103 coal power plants. Here’s what else is changing.

In recent years, images of China often depict smog-filled cities and coal-fired power plants. It is true that a breakneck speed of development over more than three decades has led to a series of environmental challenges, with cities such as Beijing often subjected to pollution levels multiples higher than the […]

Trump Antidote: Kick your carbon addiction

Stop oil trains, coal trains, and climate change with the 12-step plan for carbon addicts: Admit that we all directly or indirectly cause far too much toxic and greenhouse gas emissions due to our fossil-fuel addictions. Calculate your carbon footprint (about one hour) and sign up for the footprint challenge […]

EV App Quickly Compares Buyer Costs and Emissions

A new study from MIT finds that low-emission vehicles tend to also be the lowest total cost. They also created an app that quickly compares cost and emission options for 125 US car models, as well as the national averages necessary to achieve 2030 and 2040 emissions goals.      

Millennium Coal Terminal Denied by WA DNR

Goldmark enlarges Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve, denies Millennium sublease request Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark announced today he will expand Puget Sound’s Cherry Point Aquatic Reserve north of Bellingham, adding 45 acres previously considered for a large coal export terminal. At the same time, he will reject […]

Warming crushes global records again in 2016

Make America dust again: Trump’s team of deniers aims to restore America to the 1930s. Recent warming, compared to preindustrial temperatures, via Geophysicist Andy Skuce. 2016 has crushed the record for hottest year, set way back in 2015, which itself smashed the previous record for hottest year that was set in 2014. Such a three-year […]

Top Ten Tech Trends Transforming Humanity in 2016

From Peter Diamandis’ Abundance newsletter Jan. 2, 2017: 2016 was an incredible year for technology, and for humanity. Despite all the negative political-related news, there were 10 tech trends this year that positively transformed humanity. For this “2017 Kick-Off” blog, I reviewed 52 weeks of science and technology breakthroughs, and […]