Juliana vs United States moves forward

The Supreme Court on Friday night refused to halt a novel lawsuit filed by young Americans that attempts to force the federal government to take action on climate change, turning down a request from the Trump administration to stop it before trial. The suit, filed in 2015 by 21 young […]

Electric vehicles are going to render the fight over fuel economy standards moot

The auto industry is headed for revolution, Trump notwithstanding. by Dave Roberts at Vox Though it may seem like several dozen scandals ago, the Trump administration is just now finalizing plans to freeze national fuel-economy standards in place, rather than steadily increasing them as Obama planned. This is a terrible […]

A bad week for coal and bad news on ocean warming

The Weekly Climate Review for Nov. 2, 2018: This was not a good week for coal. Last month’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report basically said the world must all but stop burning coal by 2050 to save the planet from ruin. This week, Carbon Tracker, the U.N. climate […]

The Koch Brothers donate $400,000 to defeat I-1631

The Koch Brothers really don’t want you to pass I-1631—a first-of-its-kind carbon fee on our state’s worst polluters. How do we know that? Because they just dumped another $400,000 into our state to defeat the initiative. For those keeping score at home, Big Oil and the Kochs have now donated […]

How the Farm Bureau’s Climate Agenda Is Failing Its Farmers

That agenda has left farmers ill-prepared to cope with effects of climate change—droughts, heat and storms—while neglecting a key climate solution. Donald J. Trump’s inaugural crowd may not have been the biggest ever, but his parade drew lots of tractors that rumbled past the presidential reviewing stand in a farm […]

Weekly Climate Review

From MacArthur Foundation’s review of Oct. 26, 2018: Before Trump’s presidency, the 369-page report released Wednesday by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine might have generated major news coverage for its significant break with previous recommendations from mainstream scientists. The report basically says that humanity can only avert climatic […]

Oregon Now Has A Hypoxia Season, Just Like A Wildfire Season

Scientists say warming ocean temperatures mean Oregon’s coastal waters now have a low-oxygen season, or hypoxia season, just as the state’s forests have a fire season. Hypoxia is a condition in which the ocean water close to the sea floor has such low levels of dissolved oxygen that the organisms living down there die. Some […]

Rising Leaders in Clean Energy Are Mission-Driven, and Nothing Will Stop Them

Last year, Greentech Media partnered with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute to collect data from professionals across sectors with the ultimate goal of developing a guide for young professionals venturing into clean energy. While a number of organizations — including the Department of Energy, The Solar Foundation, and Advanced Energy […]

Vote for a Livable Climate

This is an example of a timely Letter to the Editor. It’s 250 words, typical of the length limits of local papers. References are included–some editors appreciate references, especially for a subject like climate change, that is rife with disinformation. Vote for a Livable Climate If we don’t fix climate […]

What does Tesla’s Model 3 surge mean for the EV market?

Tesla has, as of September 30, sold more than 78,000 Model 3s in the United States. If fourth quarter 2018 sales can match third quarter (and there is no reason to think they won’t), then Tesla Model 3 sales for 2018 would stand at 132,000. Oh, and for September, the […]

Western States Petroleum Association massively resists i1631

If you’ve received glossy brochures about how i1631 will increase your fuel costs, just look for who funded it–Phillips 66, BP America, Andeavor, etc. Oil companies are existentially threatened by proper climate change actions because all decarbonization plans call for drastic reductions of fossil fuel usage. The fossil-fuel industry has […]

Influential governments snub scientists’ ultimatum for averting climate cataclysm

Oct. 12 weekly climate update from the MacArthur Foundation: Climate change finally received adequate press coverage this week, as scientific findings and political realities collided head-on. The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) definitely grabbed the world’s attention with release of its report warning that global warming could reach […]

MN Valve Turners Acquitted On All Charges In Landmark Climate Necessity Defense Trial

Judge Throws Out Felony Charges Against Climate Defenders! BAGLEY, MN — District Court Judge Robert Tiffany acquitted defendants of all charges today in the Clearwater County case of two “Valve Turners,” Annette Klapstein and Emily Johnston, and support person Ben Joldersma. Judge Tiffany ruled that the prosecution failed to demonstrate […]

Scientists and policymakers struggle over delivery of grim climate prognosis

MacArthur Foundation’s Oct. 5 Weekly Climate Report: A Washington Post headline on Wednesday nicely summed up the sobering news coming from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) meeting this week in South Korea: “Climate scientists are struggling to find the right words for very bad news.” Negotiators from more […]

Trump Administration Assumes 7-Degree Temperature Rise

… and therefore more emissions won’t matter. Last month, deep in a 500-page environmental impact statement, the Trump administration made a startling assumption: On its current course, the planet will warm a disastrous seven degrees by the end of this century. A rise of seven degrees Fahrenheit, or about four […]

Trump’s U.N. bluster and SCOTUS hearings eclipse weighty climate news

MacArthur Foundation’s Weekly Climate Review from Sept. 28, 2018: This week brought a barrage of notable climate news that was all but obscured by the media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s braggadocio at the United Nations and the alleged boozy, teenage sexploits of his U.S. Supreme Court nominee. While both spectacles […]

Washington i1631 Explained

Anyone who has studied carbon pricing knows that the devil is in the details. Here’s a thorough analysis of the i1631 ballot initiative by CarbonWA.

Alarming Ice Research

MacArthur Foundation’s Weekly Climate Review from Sept. 21, 2018: Move by oil giants stands out amid flurry of climate promises The past seven days brought a flurry of promises for climate action as well as some artful dodging, but an announcement by U.S. oil giants may prove to be the […]

6 Charts Showing the Renewables Threat to Natural Gas

Why build gas peaker plants when solar or wind plus energy storage is cheaper? Today, utility storage capacity amounts to around 6 gigawatt-hours worldwide, but Wood Mackenzie predicts a more than tenfold increase, to at least 65 gigawatt-hours, by 2022. The U.S. will continue to lead this build-out, thanks to […]

Arcimoto Readying Three-Wheel EV for Production

Arcimoto is an electric vehicle company from Eugene, Oregon developing the fun utility vehicle, or FUV, a tandem two-seat, three-wheeled electric vehicle. The company’s first vehicle is a tandem two-seat three wheeled electric motorcycle with an estimated range of 70 miles (110 km) or 130 miles (210 km), depending on battery pack purchased […]

Billionaire Nick Hanauer Berates Neoliberalism

“How did we get to the point where the highest standard a business will hold itself to is simply the absence of evil? “And how did we get to a so-called “ethics” of business that insists that the only affirmative responsibility of a corporate executive is to maximize value for […]

The Death of Global Coal Growth

For years we’ve known that the coal industry was a dead man walking in the United States. So the industry has clung to future growth in other markets to justify its place at the table. But now, even those prospects are fading. We’ve already hit peak coal generation. We’re close to […]

What if Mother Nature Is on the Ballot in 2020?

NY Times Op-Ed by Thomas Friedman: Democrats could have a strong issue to run on if the extreme weather persists and President Trump continues to dismiss climate change. What if this time is different? There is an assumption that the 2020 presidential election will be business as usual: Donald Trump will […]

What Can I Do About Climate Change?

Here’s a great summary by Bill McKibben: Be a part of the movement. Please join me at the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice global day of action this September 8th. You can find an event near you at riseforclimate.org. People ask me all the time: ‘what can I do to fight climate change?’ And […]

Trump’s trade war poses threat to global support for Paris Agreement

The MacArthur Foundation’s weekly global climate news summary: The European Union and China have become the main bulwark against U.S. President Donald Trump’s effort to erode the world’s commitment to the Paris Agreement. Unfortunately, both appear to be shaken by Trump’s trade war, which could diminish their tenacity where the […]