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EVs: Cheaper than you think

April 22 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

EV’s are cheaper, better, and greener than you may think. This Earth Day webinar will help you get up to date and ready to make the switch.

Join Portland-based Electrify Now and the Electrify Coalition as we celebrate Earth Day by focussing on electric vehicles.

Transportation is the number 1 source of CO2 in the United States and we’ve got to rapidly electrify our rides if we want to reduce emissions .

We’ll spend this webinar exploring the concerns or pain points you might have in going electric for your next vehicle.

Worried about price? We’ll explore the low cost EV options and show how with rebates, low fuel and maintenance costs and the growing used EV market, you can save a lot on making an EV your next vehicle purchase.

Wondering about what models are out there? We’ll look at what your options are today and what models are coming down the pipeline.

Worried about range? We’ll explore the fabulous world of falling battery prices and look at how much range you’ll need and how much current and future cars will have.

Concerned about charging? We’ll walk you through a live demonstration of fast and slow charging and explore all your charging options from home, to business, to trips.

Donations: Please consider donating a couple of dollars for this webinar to the Electrify Everyone Fund. All proceeds from your donations go towards installing free heat pump water heaters in low income homes through the nonprofit Community Energy Project. Your donation will help reduce carbon emissions and lower utility bills for these families. Thank you!

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