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November 6, 2018

The 2018 election is critical for climate decisions, especially at the federal level. As Bill McKibben says, we must “break the political power of the fossil fuel industry.”

Scientists are ringing alarms because the severe hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and other climate change effects are happening much earlier than they predicted. Climate deniers can no longer credibly claim that climate change isn’t happening, so they’ve withdrawn to claim that it’s not human-caused. But in court recently, Chevron and other oil companies concurred with scientists, and placed the blame on customers burning their product—the same tactics as Big Tobacco.

We must rapidly change our polluting habits and the earlier we do, the cheaper it’ll be. Yes, the necessary clean energy technologies—wind, solar, storage, electric vehicles—are all cheaper to operate and getting cheaper to purchase. But we lack the political will to deploy these fast enough.  

Before 2009, Republicans and Democrats both vowed to fix climate change. Then unlimited lobbying money flooded in and Republicans (including Greg Walden and Jaime Herrara-Beutler) suddenly decided that climate change was fake science. Today the corruption from coal, oil, and natural gas companies is blatant and rampant. At both the federal and state levels, Republicans have loosened polluter regulations instead of accelerating clean energy. 

When you vote, consider the ecosystems we’re leaving our children and grandchildren!

Oregon Statewide Measures

No on Measure 103: Measure 103 would create unnecessary and permanent tax loopholes for special interests and industries. Measure 103 amends the state constitution to ban a so-called “grocery tax” that doesn’t exist in Oregon and is not even being proposed. Due to the measure’s vague language, it could even reach to trucking companies that transport groceries, limiting the strategies available to curb harmful diesel pollution and protect the environment and public health. This is an unprecedented and untested change – no other state has a constitutional amendment like this.  Learn more at No on 103.

No on Measure 104: Measure 104 would dramatically extend the supermajority requirement in our state constitution which currently applies only to tax increases. Measure 104 would mean that a simple majority of legislators could not close tax loopholes or raise fees, causing unprecedented gridlock and jeopardizing needed funding for our natural resources, clean energy, and other essential programs supporting our ecosystems and economy. It is backed by special interests that want to protect their tax breaks by locking them into our constitution. Learn more at No on 104.

No on Measure 105: Measure 105 would overturn Oregon’s 31-year-old anti-profiling law, opening the door to widespread racial profiling. By making people afraid to call the police and directing local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration law, it would make everyone less safe. All people deserve to feel safe going about their daily lives, including Oregon communities on the frontlines of climate change. We stand in solidarity with immigrant communities across the state and say no. Learn more at Oregonians United Against Profiling.

Washington Measures

Yes on i1631

HOW TO HELP your favorite candidates this week:

WASHINGTONIANS: Phone bank from home for Congressional candidate Carolyn Long and state Legislature candidate Sasha Bentley. Let’s make sure every ballot gets to a dropbox! To make calls for Carolyn, use this link (your code will be 87F8D2C-546598). To make calls for Sasha, use this link (no code needed). You can log in with your existing ActionID, or set one up here. Contact Kirsten Dennis with questions.

Help our friends at Indivisible call voters in support of Washington’s Initiative 1631. Sign up here and then log in to the phone-banking system to start calling from home. Washington can lead the way to a cleaner planet!

OREGONIANS: Canvass, phone bank, or text bank for state Senate candidate Chrissy Reitz and state legislature candidate Anna Williams up to and through Election Day. Sign up to help Team Chrissy here, and sign up to help Friends of Anna here.

Phone bank from home for Congressional candidate Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Get easy instructions here and access the dialer here. You can also sign up to text bank for Jamie!


Mark your calendars for a post-election celebration. On Sunday, November 18, Indivisible Columbia Gorge and CGWAN will host a celebration of resistance, hard work, progressive values, new friends, commitment, and renewal. Members of ICG, CGWAN, and all allied groups are welcome. The party will be held at the Hood River Hotel; check our calendar for starting time and other forthcoming details.

Volunteer with Hood River Shelter Services. Regardless of the outcome of the midterms, many people in our community will need a safe, warm place to stay this winter; help ensure they get one by becoming a Hood River Shelter Services volunteer. There are two volunteer training sessions this week: November 8, 6-8 p.m.; and November 10, 9-11 a.m. Contact Sarah Kellems with questions or to sign up.


November 6, 2018