Educate Yourself and Fix Your Personal Footprint

Carbon_Front_PageEducation and Personal Footprint Work Group

A large part of personal footprint reduction is learning about the problems and options; thus our education and footprint activities are combined in this work group.

2016 education projects:

  • Present MLK Day Climate Justice Workshop
  • Monthly sustainability movies—engaging and educational movies, covering
    • Science of sustainability issues
    • Best technologies, processes, policies that are potential solutions
    • Economics and governance topics in sustainability

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2016 personal footprint projects:

  • Evolve some short videos that teach and inspire personal footprint actions
  • Motivate, calculate, and plan personal footprints for transportation, housing, and food

We believe that any solution to the climate crisis will require stamping out greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from every house, car, airplane, ship, farm, factory, and other emitters, implying both personal and governmental responsibilities.

Personal footprint vision: Create footprint processes that go viral

2016 personal footprint goals:

  • X people have calculated their 2015 carbon footprint
  • Y people reduced their 2016 carbon footprint by 10%

Group leaders: Eric Strid and Cyndi Strid